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I didn't get to flesh out the spookkat species as much as I wanted to this year, so I'm giving everyone their own chance to make their own!
I know twelve days isn't a lot of time for a contest but don't fret, there will be more opportunities in the future!

Please read this whole journal carefully before making an entry. If you do not follow the rules I will not accept your entry.

Quick Spookkat Guide by berryanna
ROUGH SPOOKKAT GUIDE - Includes a description of the main features of a spookkat and why they have them!
Please read everything carefully before making one. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I will add a FAQ as I get questions about designing a spookkat.

Lilith by MangoBunniesNew Momoko Ref by berryannaHappy Halloween/Dia de los Muertos by MangoBunnies
EXAMPLES OF SPOOKKATS - Sorry there's not more examples at this time! As long as you stick to the main guidelines there should be no problem.

There will be five winners (there may be more if I get more entries than expected) who will get to keep their spookkats for free as well as five honorable mentions who may keep their spookkats at a price of $5 USD/500 points. Any designs that do not win may be kept for $10 USD/1000 points. I'll be taking entries until November 2nd at 11:59PM.


♥ Your skill level as an artist does not matter, what I will be judging is your design.
♥ You do not have to do both a front and back, but it is preferred! If you do not include a backside reference, make sure to specify what's there (blank/bow, tail).
♥ A brief description of their previous life and/or how they died will help me understand your design better but is not required.
♥ NO feet and NO back bows with tails, please. Those traits are too rare. Spookkats may have as many accessories as you want.


In the event that you no longer want your spookkat, you may trade or give away the design. You may not sell it though.
♥ You may make as many entries as you like, but only one of the entries may be a winner.
♥ You do not have to advertise my contest but it would be appreciated.

To send me your entry, please ping me by putting : devberryanna : without spaces.

If you do not ping me I will not see your entry. Please do not note me your entry.

Any questions? Ask away in the comments only! I'll be adding a FAQ as I go along.


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NeferCosplay Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Thank you very much for the watch, cute gallery btw! Love the chibis ^^
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Thanks for the Llama! <3
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ty! ;v;
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Thank you for the llama, have a watch!
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Thanks so much for the llama!! ;w;
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